The board

Jennifer Wilde
Jennifer Wilde, President

Kelly Marie
Kelly Marie, Vice President

Kelly Marie, born in Ojai, California, had a travelling childhood with a hippie mother.

Gained experience in foreign countries as a Chef (studied at the Cordon Blue in Paris as well as 28 other countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Studied Artist at Day Studio in San Francisco and held other responsible positions as end of life care giver.

Entrepreneur and owner of a hospitality business in California and Tennessee.

Kelly is a woman of prayer, loves the Lord with all her heart and is an international speaker with a heart for women and people with broken hearts.

Siegfried Tomaszewski
Siegfried Tomaszewski, CEO/CED

Evangelist Siegfried Tomazsewski, President of Calling Ministry, Inc., a not for profit evangelistic ministry with the main focus on Africa. He is also CEO and founder of Mission Services, that provides services to ministries and churches in coaching and training. With the experience of mission work in the Middle East, Youth Pastor in Germany, being an ordained minister with the German Pentecostal movement, he has been working alongside Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke (Christ for all Nations) for almost 20 years, ministering internationally and heading the European office. He serves on the board of the PEF (Pentecostal European Fellowship) founding production companies and ministries. He is based in Kissimmee, Florida, married to his lovely wife Inge for over 35 years, who is also involved in the ministry. They have 4 adult children and 2 Grandchildren.

Dana Morey
Dana Morey, Treasurer and Secretary

Dana Morey, along with his brothers, owns The Morey Corporation, a contract electronics manufacturer located in Woodridge, Illinois. Dana is also a partner in numerous other businesses, including Morey Realty and Power Talk Inc. Dana serves numerous ministries as a board member, including Christ for all Nations, a global evangelic ministry and Caring for Kids, a feeding program he co-founded for poor children in Mexico. Dana's primary passion is evangelism, focusing primarily in Latin America, Africa, India and Eastern Europe. Since 1986, Dana has been happily married to the love of his life, Karman. your social media marketing partner