Thank you very much for your interest in our “One God – One Day – One Africa” Project. Let me share, in just a few sentences, about the incredible vision that God has given and how you can be a part of this wonderful miracle of God.

Many years ago, God spoke to Jennifer Wilde that one day she would be sharing His word with millions of people simultaneously. Now she has received the confirmation that the time has come. God has laid the continent of Africa on her heart and with so many well-known people encouraging her; she wants to take this bold step – together with you – of reaching a whole continent simultaneously with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


In May 2020, we want to see a massive move of the Holy Spirit sweep across every nation of Africa. International ministries will partner with the African church to reach every soul possible from the Largest Cities to the towns and even out into the most remote villages!

Will this be possible? We believe the answer is YES, together with the Holy Spirit & you, utilizing the most modern technologies of today, we can see an unprecedented harvest of souls sweeping the continent of Africa!! Will you join us in making history together for the Glory of God’s Kingdom?


  1. First, we will hold a massive gospel festival featuring top Christian artists & celebrities, which will be broadcasted in every nation of Africa via TV, Radio, and the Internet.
  2. Then, every nation possible will have its own unique gospel festival featuring their artists of choice while ministering in their own local languages - maybe even with you preaching!
  3. Lastly, every church in Africa has the possibility of hosting a broadcast of these celebration events to reach their own community and their own village.

Combining all three strategies together in every nation of Africa has never been done before, but we believe it will result in an unprecedented harvest of millions of souls. Is God calling you to be part of this incredible move of His Spirit?


  1. Prayer
    You or your prayer team can sign up to pray daily or weekly for the 1GDA project. You will receive regular prayer updates and will be an integral part of the 1GDA breakthrough team!
  2. National Crusades
    You or your ministry can partner with 1GDA to organize a gospel festival in the nation of your choice! You would get to speak in your own gospel festival set-up by your team and assisted by the 1GDA National Coordinating Team. 1GDA also provides full national advertising for your event plus $10,000 towards your event costs. We request that you allow us to broadcast one hour of the final night from the major Celebrate Africa event into your gospel festival. Uniting our resources together allows us to become a unified force to be a catalyst of revival across the continent of Africa. You will become a key member of this history making event!
  3. Support and Special Assistance
    Much of the planning has already been done but if you have finances, skills or materials to help us with such things as design, marketing, broadcasting, printing promotional, training or follow-up materials, every extra assistance will increase the impact of this already incredible event. Maybe you have a film or follow-up team that can travel to Africa? Maybe you have finances to sponsor the broadcasting or promotional costs for part of or even a whole nation? Let God speak about how you can join the 1GDA team & together reach a continent for God!


Remember, we are giving $10,000 to assist the costs of every ministry who will setup a gospel festival in a nation of your choice. In whatever way you can help, contact us to discuss the details directly by phone, Skype, or to schedule a face-to-face meeting. We are ready to assist you.

Looking forward to hearing from you – my direct email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

God bless

Siegfried Tomaszewski
CED of One God – One Day – One Africa

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