The Vision of
One God - One Day - One Africa

This VISION was given to Jennifer Wilde in 1980, 36 years ago. We’ve been praying and waiting for God’s perfect timing since! The time is NOW!!!

  • Mega Crusade

    The main crusade will be hosted by One God-One Day-One Africa Ministries (1GDA) and will be broadcasted to as many of the 54 nations of Africa as possible. The location and date are still under discussion, but will possibly be held in May 2020.

    1. This will be a historical, epic event that will be broadcast live on GMO (Global Media Outreach), which has had up to a million hits a day seeking to know Jesus. It will also be on television, radio and recorded to be on sim cards which will be, along with the Jesus film and the Bible (or at least the Book of John), passed out to the remote villages of all nations in Africa, translated into 5 languages, by “boots on the ground” such as Campus Crusade, YWAM, etc. These will have the new technology that prohibits users from deleting and changing content. Small radios will also be given to village leaders to be able to hear the live broadcast.
    2. This will be promoted in the media in all African nations so that all peoples, religious, NON-RELIGIOUS, rich, poor, young, old, etc. will want to turn their TV’s, radios, internet, etc. on to follow it. It will be so inspirational, exciting and attractive that no one will want to miss it! We will make this crusade a Celebration of Africa involving top African sports, entertainment and political celebrities.
    3. Not only will it be broadcast on a continental level (on the large international radio and TV networks), but also on the local networks of each nation to reach the largest audience possible and to make part 3 of the Vision possible.
  • National Crusades

    Each participating nation will host its own Local Crusade using local singers, preachers, resources and languages to reach their own people groups.

    1. 1GDA will be providing funds to start these crusades off with money to secure crusade grounds, sound system, security and other basic necessities of the crusade.
    2. We will be meeting with the top Christian leaders of every nation to propose forming a committee to oversee organizing the local crusade, promoting, and broadcasting of the local crusade within each nation. This will be achieved by dividing Africa into approximately 10 districts. We will be going visiting as many countries as possible to meet with Bishops, Apostles, and leaders to impart the Vision of One God, One Day, One Africa. They will receive a presentation and invitation to partner with the One God-Day-Africa Vision.
    3. We will hire and train an assistant/supervisor for each nation to assist the local leaders in accomplishing all crusade activities in their nation, as well as assisting us to oversee all parts of the One God, One Day, One Africa vision within each nation.
  • Hosting broadcasts of the crusade events in many towns and villages throughout Africa
    1. Every church in Africa, even in the most remote villages, can host a Radio/TV/Internet Broadcast of the Mega Crusade event so that millions from their communities can be invited to attend and be given an opportunity to receive Christ.
    2. Promotional and invitational materials will be distributed to all African Pastors at training events to be held in every major city/town within Africa. The National Supervisors will be pre-trained to run the training events and distribution of the materials to prepare the churches to host the broadcasting of crusades.
  • Partnering with American or other Churches, Pastors, Evangelists or Missionaries.

    This is for ALL CHRISTIANS to get involved! We will be inviting American, European, and all Christian leaders to adopt a country in Africa. We will connect them with the local leaders of that country to help with the crusade. By “adopting”, they will be raising funds to do a larger crusade than possible with current funds, and plan to send a pastor or evangelist to preach at the national crusade 4-5 days prior to ONE GOD, ONE DAY, ONE AFRICA, along with the local leaders of that nation.


    …will be done by locals and participating Churches, such as Saddleback Church’s Africa Initiative and GMO’s individual follow up on the internet. Also with other participating ministries and Churches, including all different denominations as long as they are Christian!

This is GOD’S Vision and for HIS glory alone, so we are praying that we can ALL come together in unity with one goal and vision…to reach the ends of the earth for JESUS! Praise the Lord! Therefore, we welcome ALL input, ideas, and strategies that you may have for this vision to reach MULTI-MILLIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! God bless you!