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In 1980, Evangelist Jennifer Wilde, a former Hollywood celebrity, received a vision from God that the Gospel would be preached to multi-millions simultaneously.

What seemed impossible then is going to become reality in May 2020. We will cast a Gospel net all over Africa. In partnership with numerous ministries, such as Christ for all Nations, Iris Global, Global Outreach Day and YWAM we will be hosting Gospel festivals in all possible African nations and broadcast the messages via Internet, TV and radio to the ends of Africa.

Every Christian can take part in this, even from your homes.

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Our CEO Evangelist Siegfried Tomaszewski teaches about:

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  2. Methods and principles of global evangelism
  3. God’s word and the Holy Spirit 
  4. Personal witnessing and evangelistic outreach

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About Siegfried Tomaszewski

Siegfried is CEO of One God - One Day - One Africa.

He worked alongside Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke as his P.A. and European Director for 18 years. He has preached at large evangelistic campaigns, taught at CfaN Fire Conferences and has established ministries under Evangelist Bonnke’s leadership. This experience has given him insights into world evangelism that are not taught at any university!

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