Postponed for an even greater harvest

Dear ALL,

No, I am not going to start this so important letter with any news on the virus, but with a reminder of who we are and the calling that we have as people of God. In times like these, we are called to be a royal priesthood, standing in the gap for the people who are suffering, hurting, in desperate need and who don’t know Jesus! We are called a holy nation – holy, because He, Jesus has given us His Spirit – the Holy Spirit.

So, let’s not be conformed with the world, not criticize, not condemn, not judge, but bring hope, love and peace to a dying world.
He brought us out of darkness into His light, so that at this very moment, where everything seems to get so dark, we are the light in the darkness. Come on, let’s be light. Stop complaining but proclaiming the praises of His who has called you!

What now?

We, as the board of 1GDA with Evangelist Jennifer Wilde as president and vision barer, have contacted the participating ministries to pray, seek the Lord and as for His will.

It is obvious that we will not have the 1GDA live events in May 2020.
We still want to keep the 2020 year as it is in our opinion a very significant year.

After days of prayer and communicating with our participating ministry partners, the board of 1GDA has come to the following solution.

  1. Looking at all dates from ministry schedules, weather, political situation and/or other events (holidays…) we found that the most common date will be the weekend Thursday, November 12 – Sunday, November 15. In the past days, we found that almost all are in consent with that date.
  2. Postponing to November is now very much depending on the global situation. We pray and believe that the devil is defeated and all will be back to normal – it will still mean a stretch for many countries until they get back to normal life – also for all ministries to recover from loss due to crusade cancellations, donor drop-outs…. So, we need to reschedule, pray and trust God for all to work out.

In the next days, we are working out the details, also for live streaming, talking to the TV stations regarding the new dates for broadcasting etc. Please also share and help us to use the time to find the few partners to cover the missing countries.

We do believe that 2020 is a crucial year and the devil tries everything to hinder God’s plan. But if we pray, stand together and fight the good fight of faith, we will see an even greater harvest then what we would have anticipated.

When CfaN was kept out of Nigeria for almost 10 years, Pastor Bonnke and the team did not whine and stay home, but they prepared and continued, knowing that one day the door will open. Pastor Bonnke said in those days, the devil will pay back 10 times. In our millennium crusade, we had on one weekend 3.4 million registered decisions for Christ!!! The devil surely had to pay back 10 times! So even if 1GDA is postponed and the devil thinks he has won – he will always be the loser and we will see an even greater harvest!

In my over 40 years of ministry, I have personally not seen such a great unity among evangelistic ministries, churches or denominations as in the past months working with 1GDA. Especially now, experiencing such unity in postponing, finding a new date and standing before the throne of God to intercede for the people and reconfirming our call – as Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 9:16 “For if I preach the gospel, I have nothing to boast of, for necessity is laid upon me; yes, woe is me if I do not preach the gospel!”

We have travelled over 250,000 km throughout Africa in the past 10 months, visited most of the countries, had meetings with government representatives, denomination leaders, Bishops, church leaders…. – and after each meeting, we had the confirmation from the people – Africa will be saved – it is God’s time, we can reach a whole continent, if we stand together, shoulder to shoulder!

In such times, many are suffering – from sickness, unemployment, anxiety. Ministries are losing donors and also we are facing financial obstacles. Yet, we know that what we sow now into His kingdom will grow and bear much fruit.

It is in the springtime, when it still may be cold, snow, rain…when the seed has to be sown to grow and bring fruit in the following months. Please help us to sow the seed now. So we can together harvest mightily in November when over the whole continent of Africa the Gospel net is being cast and millions of souls are being saved and brought into the Kingdom of God.
Together we will “Celebrate Africa”- and king Jesus!

Together in His mission,
your evangelists,

Evangelist Jennifer Wilde,  Rev. Siegfried Tomazsewski and the whole team