Reaching millions with one mega event

Many years ago, Jennifer Wilde (Wilde4Jesus Ministries) received a call from God to do an outreach that would impact multitudes of people.

Today we have started to turn it into action and YOU can be a part in it.

We are calling every Christian in Africa to stand with us, shoulder to shoulder, to reach their respective country and city. At the foot of the cross, every true believer can meet, for the sake of the lost. In every country that will be possible, we see one evangelistic campaign – simultaneously, for 3 consecutive days. 1GDA will help sponsor the events, help with their professional training and skills to organize, set up and execute the Gospel campaigns - "Celebrate Africa".

There will also be one major event from where the last meeting will be live-broadcasted into every possible city, churches or even homes, to reach millions with the Gospel, all during the same time.

Join us for this all Celebrate African outreach in May 2019 and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register: www.1gda.org