The scope of One God - One Day - One Africa could be the greatest outreach in the history of the world

Accra, December 2019

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For the first time, ministries and churches
from around the world are collaborating
on one epic continent-wide mega event

The scope of One God - One Day - One Africa could
be the greatest outreach in the history of the world

Imagine the sheer power of a 4-day Christian event taking place simultaneously across the entire African continent. Miracle Festivals will take place in nearly all 54 countries, live-streamed and broadcast to millions. That vision, first given to Jennifer Wilde 37 years ago, will come to fruition in May 2020. Just a few opportunities to play a significant role in this outreach remain as ministries and churches from throughout the world eagerly sign up to take part. It will be an event the scope of which has never been done before.

Once God told her it was time to get started, one of Wilde’s first tasks was to find someone to help coordinate the event. That’s how Pastor Siegfried Tomazsewski got involved. “When Jennifer called and said she wanted to do this huge campaign in Africa, I thought it was a hoax, so I hung up on her,” he recalls. “But she is persistent, and she called back. The logistics appeared to be impossible! And Jennifer responded that ‘With God, all things are possible.’ We met and prayed, and God spoke to me. It became clear that God would give us a plan for how to do it.”

And with that, the mission of One God - One Day - One Africa (1GDA) became a reality. “Many African leaders are blown away by this idea. They are always thinking about the next campaign… one city, one country… but no one has thought of empowering the whole continent at once.

As the most recognized evangelist of Africa, the late Evangelist Dr Reinhard Bonnke always says: “Africa shall be saved”. From Cape Town to Cairo, the Gospel must be preached.

As plans come together, 35 countries are already covered

For this massive event, taking place in the 4 to 5 days leading up to Pentecost Sunday (May 31, 2020), various churches and ministries from around the world are “adopting” African countries. Each participating organization is organizing a Miracle Festival in the nation of their choice, assisted by the 1GDA National Coordinating Team and under the 1GDA umbrella. Meanwhile, 1GDA is mobilizing thousands of local evangelists who will travel to the villages, towns and cities throughout Africa that cannot be reached by technology.

On Pentecost Sunday, the 1GDA celebration will culminate with live streams as well as TV and radio broadcasts coming from 3 to 4 specially chosen venues into every country’s event. These streams will include a prayer for the entire African continent and accomplish the goal of unification of the Body of Christ. In cooperation with many other ministries, 1GDA will send ten thousand local evangelists, equipped to reach out to the unreached people groups and most rural areas of the countries.

“This event will be promoted in the media in all African nations so that all people, religious, non-religious, rich, poor, young, old, etc. will want to follow it on their TVs, radios, internet, etc. It will be so inspirational, exciting and attractive that no one will want to miss it! We will make this event a Celebration of Africa involving top African sports, entertainment and political celebrities,” says Wilde, 1GDA president.

“Picture a fishing net, with each of the 54 countries in Africa representing a knot. We are currently creating this net,” says Tomazsewski, serving as 1GDA vice president and CEO. “We can’t do it by ourselves, so we are networking with other outreach ministries. We have ministries taking responsibility for one country or one city in that country. Right now, we have 30 countries covered; to fulfill our mission, we want to cover 45. We have room for 15 to 20 more ministries to “adopt” countries. So, we are challenging all African ministries, churches of all Bible-believing denominations and individual Christians, come on board, join for souls to be saved.”

At the foot of the cross, we can all meet for the sake of the Lost. Let’s put our doctrinal and theological difference to the side for this onetime event and unit for Africa!

How to join this gospel outreach

Wilde and Tomazsewski know that one church, one denomination cannot fulfill God’s mission. “Individually, we don’t have the means to reach the world,” says Tomazsewski, who stresses that all monies raised will go directly to funding this event. He and Wilde outline 3 ways to become involved:

  1. Prayer. Your prayer team or you can sign up to pray daily or weekly for the 1GDA project. You will receive prayer updates and will be an integral part of the 1GDA breakthrough team.
  2. National Celebrate Africa Festivals. Your ministry or you as an individual can partner with 1GDA to organize a Miracle Festival in your own country, or the nation of your choice, given that the country has not yet been “adopted” by another ministry. You speak at your own event set up by your team and assisted by the 1GDA National Coordinating Team. 1GDA provides you with contacts, supports you with their expertise, and promotes your event through their network, website and social media channels. “We request that you allow us to broadcast one hour of the final night from the major Celebrate Africa event into your gospel festival. Uniting our resources enables us to become a unified force to be a catalyst of revival across the continent of Africa. You will become a key member of this history-making event!” says Tomazsewski.


To become an active participant in One God – One Day – One Africa, start by visiting the “join” tab on


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Biography: Jennifer Wilde, President

Evangelist Jennifer Wilde has spent the past thirty-seven years preaching the Gospel around the world in countries such as Mexico, India and of course, Africa. In 1998 she founded Wilde 4 Jesus Ministries and is now working full time with One God - One Day - One Africa as President and Founder. She is also a published author; her book From Life in the Hollywood Fastlane to the Untouchables of India is available currently in online retailers. When she is not working abroad, she resides in California with her two daughters.


Biography: Siegfried Tomazsewski, Vice President and CEO

Siegfried Tomazsewski, President of Calling Ministry, Inc., a not for profit ministry with the main focus on Africa. He is also CEO and founder of Mission Services that provides services to ministries and churches in coaching and training. With the experience of mission work, Youth Pastor in Germany, being an ordained minister with the German Pentecostal movement. He served on the board of the PEF (Pentecostal European Fellowship) founding production companies and ministries and worked 18 years as European Director of Christ for all Nations. As an evangelist, conference speaker, coach and author, he travelled to over 90 countries in his 39 years of ministry. He is based in Kissimmee, Florida, resides in South Africa and is married to his lovely wife Inge for over 37 years, who is also involved in the ministry. They have four adult children and three grandchildren.



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